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Potato and Produce Hydrocutting

We know that cutting needs to be consistent and precise – minimizing waste and damage – in order to have a quality end product. Our hydrocutting equipment uses water pressure and innovative technology to provide just that – whether you are cutting potatoes, carrots, pickles, fruit and more. As with all Vanmark equipment, our hydrocutting system is configured to your application and is built for ease-of-use, minimal maintenance and simple sanitation.

Innovative CFD technology powers hydrocutting performance.

Vanmark has been a global leader in hydrocutting equipment for decades. Our latest Lamina® System has been designed using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) data analysis to precisely pump and align products – improving cut accuracy and yield, every time. With Vanmark hydrocutting equipment, you get high performance, minimal maintenance and consistent, quality product cuts.

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Potato and Produce Hydrocutter Machines

Choose from our available equipment, each specifically designed to give you consistent, high quality cuts for a range of potato and produce products, or contact our specialists to discuss your custom needs.


Lamina® Hydrocutting System

Get consistently accurate cuts for French fries, pickles, carrot sticks, and more. Trusted by the largest food manufacturers in the world for their high volume processing.

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Hydrocutter Skid System

Quality cuts and durability in an easy-to-install, compact integrated system for growing markets and specialty products.

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Blades & Cutters

Get the Perfect Cut, Every Time

Vanmark’s high quality doesn’t end with our equipment. We put the same commitment and craftsmanship into our cutters and blades. Razor sharp, super strong blades are available in several variations to give you consistently perfect cuts for your specific equipment and application. We make all of our cutters and blades in our Boise, ID facility so you have the peace of mind that comes with Vanmark manufactured equipment and parts.

  • Various cutters and profile cuts are available for your specific application, from standard strips to 3D specialty cuts
  • Razor sharp, strong stainless steel blades are suited for the rigors of food processing while maintaining optimal quality, consistency and yield

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