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Get high-quality food cuts and robust throughput in a compact three-piece system that’s easy to install, operate, and move.

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Vanmark has been the global leader in food hydrocutting equipment for decades. We’ve put that expertise into a complete, compact cutting system for growing markets, and specialty and seasonal products.


Get a complete hydrocutting system in a 20-foot-long footprint. Mounting on three interlocking sections allow for easy installation and modularity.


Whether cutting potatoes for fries, cucumbers for pickles, or coring or stripping peppers, you get high-quality cuts without feathering or breaking.  


User-friendly changeouts and minimal moving parts simplify maintenance.


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Compact Hydrocutter System

Frame is mounted on three interlocking skids for simple installation.

Pumps are available in multiple sizes. Size is determined by flow rates and product speed necessary for your application.

Hydrocutter inlet sleeve allows simple changeouts.

Stainless steel hydro tube available in multiple sizes for various grades or products.

Decelerator slows exiting product from the cutter to avoid product damage.

Dewatering Conveyor is less maintenance and has a lower cost of ownership versus a dewatering shaker.

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Vanmark’s hydrocutting machines cut food products into various shapes using water powered by a pump loop to transport and accelerate it through a fixed array of stainless-steel cutting blades. The Compact Hydrocutter System provides the quality and durability Vanmark is known for in an easy-to-install, compact integrated system. Its user-friendly, flexible operation and sanitary design make the Compact Hydrocutter System essential for processors growing their operations or running seasonal and specialty products.

-    Flexible throughput – 1,000 to 50,000 pounds (453-22,679 kg) per hour
-    Frame mounted on three interlocking skids
-    Complete system includes a pump, cutter, decelerator, and dewatering conveyor
-    Stainless steel hydro tubes available in a variety of sizes
-    Designed for quick changeouts with valves to isolate the cutter assembly

Compact Hydrocutting System demo video

Common Foods

The Compact Hydrocutter System cuts a variety of food products for industrial food processing operations.


carrotsCucumber / Pickles



Common Cutting Patterns & Shapes






System Dimensions

230” L x 80” W x 92” H (5842 x 2032 x 2337mm)

Product Size

Diameter: up to 4-7.25” (102-184 mm)

Length: up to 6-12” (152-305 mm)

Pump Size*

6, 8, or 10” pump assembly

*Dependent on product size

Water Capacity

82 gallons (310 L)

Electrical: 230-460 VAC, 3 Phase (other voltages available)

Motor: 1-5 HP



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Parts & Features

  • 304 or 316 stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel hydrotubes
  • Skid-mounted with +/- 2” (50 mm) adjustable feet
  • Flow meters hold consistent cut speeds
  • “Sleeve” cutter inlet
  • Integrated decelerator and dewatering conveyor


Integrated control system
Additional pump sizes to accommodate larger products


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