Water Reduction Solutions

Separate starch and solids, reduce water to treatment, recycle process water and more


Water usage and treatment (and the resulting costs) in potato and produce processing can be significant. We’re focused on conserving fresh water by creating solutions that separate starch and solids and reduce water being sent for treatment on our two largest systems – Peeler/Scrubber/Washers and the Lamina Hydrocutting System.

Incorporate these sustainability solutions into your operation and reduce freshwater usage up to 90%.

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Sustainable Processing

Vanmark’s water conservation solutions are built for the things you care about:


Significant Water Savings


Our Water Reclamation System supports up to three Peeler/Scrubber/ Washers, reducing water usage to less than 1.5 GPM (5.7 l/min) each.

Easy Integration


Support new and existing peeling and hydrocutting lines with complementary solutions designed more minimal footprint and easy integration.

Solid and Starch Separation


Separating peel solids and starch from processing water allows you to recirculate more clean water instead of sending it to treatment.

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Best-in-Class Water Usage Solutions That Will Result in a Better Tomorrow


Solutions Throughout the Entire Vanmark Line

We’ve used our decades of experience to find water conservation opportunities throughout our entire line of equipment – specifically peeling and cutting applications.

  • Clean peeler beds more efficiently
  • Separate starch and solids from process water
  • Recirculate process water
  • Reduce water sent for treatment


New Starch Separating Option for the Lamina Hydrocutting System

We’ve redesigned the return water line to create a “cyclone” effect, pushing denser starch water to the outer edge of the pipe and then skimming out that water for treatment. The result is less water being removed for treatment and replaced with fresh water, while maintaining the same level of starch removal.

Water Usage Reduction Solutions for Potato & Produce Processing Equipment

Vanmark processing water cleaning and recycling machines complement our peeling and hydrocutting solutions that have been proven for decades. They allow processors to easily integrate freshwater conservation solutions into their lines to reduce water usage up to 90%. Choose from our catalog below or contact us to configure a solution just for you.


Peeler/Scrubber/Washer CIP System

Reduce water usage, manual cleaning, and downtime by cleaning the peeler beds and rolls during production and at sanitation with a moving CIP spray bar.

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Waste Separating Auger

Filter solid waste out of process water from our Peeler/Scrubber/Washers – reducing waste to the drain system and resulting water treatment costs.

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Water Reclamation System

Clean and recirculate process water from up to three abrasive peelers in a skid-mounted closed-loop system. Reduces water usage by up to 90%.

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