A Legacy of Quality and Durability

In the early 1950s, a Creston, Iowa diner owner recognized the need for an easier way to make french fries, so he developed and patented a mechanical potato peeler. Local investors and potato chip manufacturers took notice, and in 1954, Veg-A-Peel Company was born.

Veg-A-Peel soon grew to design and manufacture additional peelers, hoppers, elevators and conveying systems. In 1964, Veg-A-Peel changed its name to Vanmark Corporation to better reflect these expanding capabilities. Vanmark's world-class equipment, value and know-how kept the company growing in size and reputation, with key expansions in 1979 and 1988.

In 2007, Vanmark (renamed Vanmark Equipment LLC) became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Columbus, Ohio based Grote Company, the leader in food slicing and assembly equipment.

Vanmark has two locations in the United States and one in India. The original Creston plant produces peelers, scrubbers, washers, fluming units and receiving lines. Our facility in Boise, Idaho is the site of the former GME International, which was acquired by Grote Company in 2012 and is now part of the Vanmark brand. There, we specialize in hydrocutting systems. Our Bengaluru, India manufacturing and distribution center opened in 2017, expanding our capabilities in Southeast Asia.

Today, Vanmark is run by Bob and Jack Grote, CEO and COO respectively. We are proud to represent a family of world leaders in food processing equipment. The combined businesses now serve the largest potato chip and French fry manufacturers in the world, along with other fruit and vegetable processors and even golf ball manufacturers! A truly global brand, Vanmark's sales team, dealer network, equipment and lines operate in over 60 countries


From our very first invention until today, we've applied the same craftsmanship, care and innovative spirit to everything we make. Here are a few of the milestones that helped us earn our worldwide reputation for quality.

Early 1950s

A Creston, Iowa diner owner develops and patents a mechanical potato peeler


Veg-A-Peel renamed to Vanmark Corporation to better reflect growing capabilities.

1987 - 1988

Vanmark undergoes an additional headquarters expansion


Bob Grote becomes CEO of the combined Grote Company brands


Boise, Idaho hydrocutting leader GME International is acquired by Grote Company and becomes a part of the Vanmark brand


PFI Acquired by Grote Company

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