Floor Load Crate Dumper

Fast & Efficient Crate Loading Directly from Floor to Line

The Floor Load Crate Dumper unloads product containers quickly from a forklift or pallet jack, improving your production and efficiency without compromising safety or traffic. Activated by a machine-mounted switch, the Crate Dumper is easy to operate with two presses of a button – one to invert the container and one to return it to its original position. The built-in chute funnels product into the line, minimizing spillage and ensuring the quality of your product. Its strong frame and sanitary design make it an essential piece of equipment for your processing line.

  • Unload product crates, totes and bins quickly – in less than a minute – directly from your forklift
  • Accommodates containers up to 2500 lbs. and 54” wide
  • Easy operation – simply load a container from your forklift or pallet jack, press the machine-mounted control to invert the container over the line, then press again to return to the starting position
  • Sanitary design with rounded and sloped surfaces allows for quick and thorough cleaning

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Food Applications




carrotsCucumber / Pickles





Equipment Information


Crate Size

54”x54”x54” (137x137x137 cm))


2500 lbs (1134 kg)

Clearance Height

146.6” (372 cm)

Dumping Cycle

32-80 seconds

Dumping Angle

135 degrees


208-230/460 V, 60 Hz, 3 Phase


2-7.5 HP (1.5-5.6 kW)


1250 lbs. (567 kg)


Parts & Features

  • Tubular 304 stainless steel construction


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Options & More Info

  • Stainless steel power pack: reservoir, fittings and motor
  • Variety of control options available

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