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Sep 12, 2017
Vanmark Rebrands, Launches New Website

Vanmark is excited to announce our rebranding and unveil a new website. The new branding pays homage to Vanmark’s history, while showcasing a refreshed bright blue color pallet, highlighting its dependability, and imagery showing applications before and after processing. New messaging, including a new brand promise of ‘Enduring Commitment’, speaks directly to corporate values of dedication to excellence.

“We’ve had some of our customers for decades. They told us that our durable equipment and commitment to their success sets us apart,” says Jason Davis, General Manager of the Creston facility. “We are excited to reinforce and repeat their Vanmark experience to chip, fry and fresh cut producers across the world, through our rebranding and resulting website,” adds Kris Hearst, General Manager in Boise.

The new website has a clean design with simple navigation – allowing visitors to easily find and evaluate equipment and service solutions. New features include responsive design and a resources library.

Read the full press release here.

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