Separate Vines From Product Flow In Receiving

Add this configurable machine to your potato receiving line to remove 80% of vines before processing. Ensure you’re getting the most debris-free raw product possible before processing.

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Eliminate Plugs & Costly Downtime

The industrial Vine Remover machine uses a series of custom configured rolls to separate vines from product flow on the receiving line. Less vines equal less pump plugs, less tear downs, less restarts, less downtime.

Trusted Performance

At 100,000 pounds per hour, remove 80% of vines that plug receiving and transferring equipment, resulting in costly downtime and cumbersome fixes.

Flexible Design

We help you determine how best to implement, from line layout options to tandem models. Choose from a range of options, from takeaway solutions and more.

Maintenance Friendly

Designed for easy access panels and cover construction, simple pitch adjustments, and one motor operation.

"We have a Vanmark Hydrolift Destoner as well as a competitor’s vertical auger. Vanmark’s runs like a dream. Its additional design features significantly help maintain product flow and uptime.”

— St. Clair Foods

Vine Remover Components

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Vine Remover Components

Panel construction provides easy access

Single motor operation

Choose from takeaway conveyor or carts

Configurable roll selection separates vines from potatoes without damage

Add optional casters for flexible or seasonable operation

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The Vine Remover uses a bed of rolls to separate and remove vines from your in-plant product flow. Integrate with our Hydrolift Destoner vertical augers, Flume Systems, and more in your receiving process to get the most debris-free product possible and continuous processing without stoppages. We collaborate with you to determine the best layout and configuration – from inline to offline, tandem or multiple machines, and more. After separating vines, takeaway solutions include conveying or cart.

The Vine Remover is an essential machine to thoroughly prep your potatoes from crop to processing.

  • Single machine flow rates up to 130,000 pounds (65 tons) per hour
  • Custom urethane molded, hex tube, and grit rolls are configured to your product and application
  • Flexible operation inline or offline, with tandem or multiple machines, and at a range of pitches
  • Integrate with Hydrolift Destoner vertical augers, Flume Systems, and more to complement your receiving process
  • Maintenance-friendly sanitary design with easy access panels and cover, and simple roll operation and changeouts

Common Foods Applications

The Vine Remover works for a range of potato types and end products processing lines.











Dimensions (overall):

108x103x74” (274x261x188 cm)

Hourly Flow Rate:

up to 130,000 lbs. (65 tons)

Pitch Angles:

Infeed – 20-40 degrees; Roll Chamber – 15-30 degrees


3 Phase, 460V


1755RPM @60HZ



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Parts & Features

  • Single 10:1 reducer 
  • VFD controlled
  • Control panel and local e-stop disconnect
  • 24V trap key
  • Custom urethane  molded, hex tube, and grit rolls 
  • 304 stainless steel construction



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