Vertically Lift Product & Separate Rocks And Debris

This multitasking vertical auger elevates up to 25 tons of product per hour to the next step in your process while separating rocks and debris – all in a compact footprint.

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Maximize Floor Space & Pre-Wash Product

The Hydrolift Destoner continuously rinses and removes rocks and debris from “dirty” product while vertically lifting it to the core steps in your process, like washing and peeling. Its compact footprint and maximum discharge height of 28 feet allow you to take production to new heights.

Optimal Product Handling

The hopper and auger geometry positions product to lift into the auger with minimal damage or cuts.

Continuous Operation

A hopper baffle and water recirculation loop keep water and product running up the screw auger. Durable stainless steel ensures long equipment life.

Maintenance Friendly

A water-lubricating lower bearing keeps the auger running without maintenance downtime.

"We have a Vanmark Hydrolift Destoner as well as a competitor’s vertical auger. Vanmark’s runs like a dream. Its additional design features significantly help maintain product flow and uptime.”

— St. Clair Foods

Hydrolift Destoner Components

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Hydrolift Destoner Components

Discharge chutes available in multiple angles, up to 28’ (8.5m) tall.

Optional Auger Cleanout Door allows for quick and thorough sanitation.

Constant-speed auger lifts up to 50,000 lbs. per hour.

A hopper baffle and water recirculation loop keep water and product running up the screw auger.

Water-lubricated bearing keeps the auger running without downtime.

Available with a tank discharge door or integrates with an optional automatic Rock Remover.

Hopper angles and auger plate better position product to go up auger without damage.

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The Hydrolift Destoner vertical auger simultaneously rinses and removes debris and rocks from dirty product, while elevating it to the next step in your process. Its constant speed, auger design, and water circulation keep product moving up the screw while rocks settle at the bottom of the tank. Debris can be removed automatically with an optional Rock Remover that features a rotating scoop wheel that picks up non-floating debris from the transferring line and carries it to a discharge point. Its multiple functions and compact footprint make the Hydrolift Destoner machine an essential piece to your processing line.

  • Discharge rates from 25,000 to 50,000 pounds per hour
  • Compact footprint and discharge height up to 28 feet
  • Specialized auger design nearly eliminates product damage and cuts, while keeping flow consistent
  • Optional rock remover automatically discharges debris from the bottom of the hopper
  • Sanitary design with optional auger door allows for quick and thorough cleaning
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Common Foods Applications

The Hydrolift Destoner vertical auger lifts a range of potato and produce on food processing lines.





Common Cutting Patterns + Shapes






Discharge Height:

72-336” (1.8-8.5 m)

Hourly Discharge Rates:

  • Series 2000: up to 25,000 lbs. (11,350 kg)
  • Series 2100: up to 50,000 lbs. (22,700 kg)


230-460 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 Phase (other voltages available)


  • Series 2000: 2 HP
  • Series 2100: 10 HP

Water Consumption:

1.5GPM minimum



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Parts & Features

  • 304 stainless steel construction
  • Five-sided corner hopper ensures consistent product flow
  • Various, application-specific discharge chute angles
  • Water-lubricated bearing lower bearing


  • Series 2000 and 2100 models available 
  • Continuous and Ground and Polished Welds
  • Optional Tank and Auger Cleanout Doors
  • Rock Remover


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