Case Study
Oct 25, 2021

Case Study: How a Pickle Processor Automated Their Line with Vanmark

A processor went from manual processes and labor and batch equipment to a fully automated, continuous solution with Vanmark - doubling capacity, winning additional business, and reducing labor. Read for full details.

A pickle processor and co-packer was loading, washing, and cutting cucumbers with a mix of manual processes and inefficient equipment. Production was maxed out, quality was inconsistent, and labor was increasingly hard to find and keep. They turned to Vanmark for a fully automated processing system.

Vanmark’s system reduced manual labor, more than doubled capacity, and increased quality, allowing the processor to win additional co-packing orders and increase their own production.


  • Manual processes
  • Inconsistent and lower production rates and quality
  • Product waste from spillage and damage
  • Existing equipment caused quality issues and high maintenance downtime and cost
  • Labor availability



The manufacturer and Vanmark collaborated on an automation solution that would improve production rates and quality, reduce line labor, and reduce sanitation and maintenance downtime and cost.

They chose Vanmark because of their experience with Vanmark equipment, and because they offered a turnkey, automated solution.


Vanmark configured a system that automatically loads totes of cucumbers, thoroughly washes them, then precisely cuts them into spears before gently transferring them for jarring and pickling.

The solution is:

  • Custom designed to fit the footprint, including through a wall
  • Completely automated, including controls to operate the entire system
  • Designed with stainless steel components and minimal moving parts to ensure sanitation and reduced maintenance

The full system features a Crate Dumper, Peeler/Scrubber/Washer, conveyors, and a Lamina Hydrocutting System – all controlled by a single panel. Production capacity is now 12,000 pounds per hour.



Eliminated three manual processes with several operators


More than doubled capacity to 12,000 lbs/hr


Won additional co-packing orders and increased production of their brand


This system highlights Vanmark’s full cucumber/pickle capabilities, from washing to hydrocutting and all of the transferring in between. Learn more here.

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