Inspection Conveyor

Accurate Inspections with a Heavy-Duty Conveyor Customized for You

The Inspection Conveyor efficiently feeds heavy-duty product flow into your inspection area – improving production rates and inspection performance. Customize the conveyor to your exact needs with available white and composite modular belts, PVC food-grade rollers and a variety of accessories. Its strong, stainless steel construction and sanitary design ensure long-life and fast, thorough cleaning.

  • Convey up to 3,600 pounds per hour, per six inches of lane width
  • PVC Food Grade Rollers, White or Composite Modular Belts available
  • Configure flat belts, rollers, lane dividers, collection areas and trim stations to your exact operation
  • Modular, configurable design allows you to change and move components in seconds
  • Sanitary design with tool-free removable parts allows for quick and thorough cleaning

Get accurate inspections and line efficiency with the Inspection Conveyor. Contact our dedicated specialists for more information.

Food Applications




carrotsCucumber / Pickles



Equipment Information



230-460 VAC, 3 Phase, .5 HP


500 lbs. (227 kg)


Parts & Features

  • Roller widths available:  18", 24", 30", 36"


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Options & More Info

  • Options: PVC Food Grade, White or Composite Modular Belt
  • Optional Accessories: lane dividers, collection areas, trim stations
  • Conveyors

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