Hex Roll Spreader

Evenly Spread Product for Effective Presentation

The Hex Spreader evenly spreads product across the full width of the discharge while removing undersized product, debris and excess water. Spreading into single layer gives you the best presentation of product for optical sorting and sizing.  The top grill cover provides clear visibility and full wash through capability – improving sanitation and reducing downtime.

  • Seven stainless steel hexagon-shaped, quick change rolls spread product for further optical sorting and sizing
  • Optimized performance in a compact footprint
  • Simultaneous rolling creates a perfect presentation
  • Adjustable slip legs and infeed opening width, and tilting roller bed allow simple integration with your production line
  • Sanitary design with complete wash through allows for quick and thorough cleaning

Get effective product presentation with the Hex Roll Spreader. Contact our dedicated specialists for more information.

Food Applications


carrotsCucumber / Pickles

Equipment Information


Discharge Width

18-89” (45.7-226.1 cm)

Infeed Width

Customer specified

Roll Speed

90 RPM


2 HP (1.49 kW)


1350 lbs. (612 kg)

Height Adjustment

+/- 6” (15.2 cm)

Roller Bed Tilt

+/- 2” (5.1 cm)

Spray Bar Connection

1” MPT standard


Parts & Features

  • Fixed position waste collection pipe and drain pan
  • Spray bar with “flat jet” pattern


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Options & More Info

  • Allen Bradley disconnect switch and stainless steel enclosure
  • Infeed retention drape

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