Short-Term Bulk Storage with Optimal Product Handling

Store up to 4,200 cubic feet of potatoes and produce per bin. And add more bins easily with modular panels. Sanitary and product handling features ensure high product quality with minimal damage. 

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Why the Bulk Storage Bin System?

This modular potato receiving bin stores raw product then meters it to your processing lines to keep production running. Custom configurations from sizing to infeed and discharge, automatic blending controls, and even filling ensure your bulk storage bin system is designed for your exact operation.

Flexible, Modular Design

Panel construction allows for fast and less expensive shipping and installation, configurable sizing, and sharing of walls between multiple bin systems.

Optimal Product Handling

Minimize damage with an inclined inlet end and lowerator for gentle product handling. Even filling and metered discharge keep product flow consistent. 

Ease of Maintenance and Sanitation

Open access to all pulleys, a belt scraper to prevent buildup, a built-in platform and ladder, and welded sheet metal panels make maintenance and sanitation easier and faster.

“We trust and believe in Vanmark’s bulk bins. We’ve had their bin system for years, and when it was time to add another, we did whatever it took to get Vanmark’s again.

— Owner, Potato chip manufacturer


The industrial potato and produce Bulk Storage Bin System provides short-term storage of 4200 cubic feet of product per bin. It offers optimal product integrity, with an inclined inlet, lowerater, support baffle, optional sheer plows, and more for gentle handling and even filling. Multiple discharge options with metering controls flow to processing, optimizing production uptime. 

Its modular design simplifies shipping and installation and provides flexible configurations in various sizes – for one bin or multiple. 

  • Store up to 4200 cu ft of product per bin
  • Optimal product integrity with gentle handling and even filling
  • Multiple discharge options with metering controls
  • Strong folded sheet metal modular panel construction
  • No internal support bracing allows for complete loading and unloading with no interference
  • Easy access design for maintenance and sanitation

Common Food Applications

The Bulk Storage Bin System stores a range of potato and produce in food processing receiving areas.








Bin Capacity

4200 cu ft (117 tonnes)

Bin Dimensions 

Length: 18, 21, or 24 ft (5.5, 6.4, or 7.3 m)
Height: up to 8 ft (2.4 m)


230-460 VAC, 3 Phase (other voltages available)


1-5 HP


Parts & Features

  • Single or multiple bin systems
  • Configurable infeed
  • Multiple outlet belt or auger discharges available
  • Built-in ladder
  • Platform 


  • Heavy-duty model available for French fry production
  • Full-length drain pan
  • CIP system
  • Traveling shear plows
  • Nuclear scale


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